For Mum

Breakfast TV. Toast. Okay toast for the dogs. No. No more. Toast. Toast for the dogs. Workweeks. Old people. Knowing Mum – probably more toast.
And pillows, surely.
We need lots of pillows.
Some for the couch.
Some for Squall.
Some so Floyd can pretend he’s a small human with paws – and a lot of toast.
Tea. Tea after work. Tea during work. Tea after tea.
Because Mum is suspiciously good at being a Mum.
It’s not like Floyd, or squall – learning to be little humans.
It’s like the Mum that nurtures them enough.
That they would even consider.
They weren’t dogs.
Life is better.
Because we have toast. We have tea. And we have pillows.
To nourish. To cherish. To rest.
What’s it like to have a Mum like mine?
Life. Life with toast.

And that’s important to me.

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